Cutting-Edge Cyber Defences

In this digital age, the data we hold is valuable now more than ever. At risk of loss or corruption from a variety of cyber threats, it’s time to rethink your data protection strategy.


Identity Verification

Balancing the need for improved cyber defences, with ease of use for your users, is a challenge. There are means however, by which your users can verify themselves with minimal hassle.


DNS Filtering

With a growing level of complexity to the threats attempting to penetrate your network, DNS filtering is vital extra layer of security to keep attacks such as DDoS and DNS hijacking at bay.


Endpoint Protection

It is inevitable that viruses and malware will find a way to get into your network and reach your PCs and Servers. Endpoint Protection is critical as the final defence in safeguarding your systems & data.

Complete IT Security

Supercharged Threat Defence

Consume threat intelligence directly into your enterprise systems in real time to increase velocity & accuracy of threat detection.

Bare Metal & Virtual Restore

Bare-metal recovery to any platform from the cloud. Virtual recovery for a variety of hypervisors, including Vmware vSphere, Hyper-V, Linux KVM.

Secure Data Backup

Encrypts data, in transit and at rest, protecting against unauthorised access. Choose to store your data in tier 4 certified Data Centers.

The Beeso IT Advantage:

Your systems, your details.

All scripts, documentation, ticket details and data belong to you.

Security first

We place best cyber security practice at the heart of everything we do, to best defend your valuable data, and this is evident from in our array of case studies across all technologies.

Decades of experience

Between the team, we hold years of experience in delivering on a vast array of technical challenges, on a global scale.

In-touch with technology

We keep ahead of ever-evolving tools & services that could best defend your business - we keep you informed, so you're protected.


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Our IT Security Solutions

Azure MFA

Azure MFA helps safeguard access to data and applications, while meeting user demand for a simple sign-on process.

Sumo Logic

With threats more sophisticated and less predictive, moving into the cloud may not be such a bad idea, Sumo Logic threat detection will give your business the upper hand.

Webroot DNS

Every day brings a new challenge to face, internet attacks are common, but today they are more intelligent than ever before.

Webroot Endpoint

Endpoint Protection is your way of defending your end user devices & servers from threats. A cloud-based solution it includes antivirus, antimalware, web filtering and a lot more.