DNS Protection

Every day brings a new challenge to face, internet attacks are common, but today they are more intelligent than ever before.


Redirect from Threats

Simply redirecting your web traffic through Webroot’s sophisticated cloud-based DNS protection solution, you will decrease your risk.


Knowledge of Prevention

DNS protection not only gives your business the edge on cyber attacks, but also the knowledge that it will prevent nearly 90% of threats at the network’s edge before they even reach the network or endpoints.


Built for the Future

The DNS agent was built for the future, with the latest generation of internet protocol, IPv6, enabling protection on modern networks.

Why Webroot DNS Protection?

Cloud Based

Forget about hardware and software. The Webroot cloud delivers a secure and resilient service.

Full Visibility

Complete insight into connection requests being made and by whom, admins can make improved decisions and better-informed policy choices.

Reports & Alerts

Receive extensive reports on all threats your business would’ve been vulnerable to without DNS protection. Enjoy full visibility into the risk protection and performance.

Save Time & Drive Efficiency

Stopping up to 90% of web-borne malware at the first layer, concluding the fact it never reaches your network, saving you time and money.

Flexible Policy Control

Control internet usage for your users with pre-configured and custom policies by device, group or network.


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The Beeso IT Advantage:

Tech First

The Beeso IT team are first and foremost technical consultants, solutions architects and engineers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best-fit solution for our client’s needs

Decades of Experience

Between the team, we hold years of experience in delivering on a vast array of technical challenges, on a global scale

In the Know

Our team get to know their clients, their systems and the way they work, backed by a global network of specialists