A robust, all-in-one business continuity solution

No matter how complex your IT environment may be, business continuity should be simple, fast, and reliable. It should work when you need it to – in an instant’s notice.

Local or off-site

Locally in your office or from an off-site location. It should prove itself day in and day out on your schedule.

Robust solution

Datto Continuity is a robust, all-in-one business continuity solution that brings together state of the art hardware with a secure cloud storage capability.


Fully managed

Beeso IT use Datto SIRIS to provide you with a fully managed Backup and Disaster recovery solution.

Why Datto SIRIS?

Leverage Award-Winning Technologies

Easily protect your IT infrastructure without the need for multiple tools. Backup your data, including your operating systems and applications.

Recover Critical Data Quickly

SIRIS’ breadth of restore options are designed to get you back to business faster by taking out the guesswork.

Instant Failover

With SIRIS you get failover capability with super fast RTO to either the on site appliance or our managed cloud infrastructure.

Ransomware Detection & Recovery

Backups are stored in a secure location and scanned to ensure no ransomware is present. Simply ‘turn back the clock’ to a snapshot before the attack happened.

Compare Backup Points

Now you never need to guess when data was deleted, added, or modified. You can know what changed and when – in a matter of minutes.


Book a free consultancy session with a member of our team to explore your backup, disaster recovery & business continuity options.

The Beeso IT Advantage:

Ready & Waiting

Our Helpdesk is managed with engineers, who answer the phone. There’s no triage or a complex web of hoops to jump through to obtain the support you need. Get straight to the expert.

Open Book

We’re open about the vendors and tools we use, we don’t hide behind white label solutions.

Tech First

The Beeso IT team are first and foremost technical consultants, solutions architects and engineers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best-fit solution for our client’s needs.