Security Awareness Training

Trusting and working with Webroot we provide a comprehensive security awareness program to train employees extensively on the current and most serious of threats.


Engaging & Interactive

Engaging, interactive courses, making them easily consumable to employees as well as the overall effectiveness of cyber security education programs. Keeping the information flowing, creating an enjoyable yet knowledgeable program.


Avoid Phishing

Avoiding phishing, social cyber attacks, how to spot potential malware behaviours and reporting possible security threats, as well as various other risks. Everything you need to know about the current dangers flowing in the systems.


Arming End Users

The first-line of defence within a business is the employee’s overall knowledge of cyber vulnerabilities. Such training, along with continuous support & re-training, helps reduce the threat straight away at the point of entry.

Why Webroot Security awareness Training?

Proven Efficiency

Employee’s account for up to 90% of successful breaches, change that with Webroot, change the odds for your business.

Ongoing Defence

With our training we ensure your employees are kept in the loop and up to date with the latest methods of attack. Providing a lasting defence for your business.

Phishing Simulation

Launching realistic phishing simulations lets you accurately monitor real-world user responses, then direct awareness programs to users accordingly.

Custom Campaigns

Measuring individual and overall success is the key to success. The Learning Management System keeps track of user participation, making all education accountable and measurable.


Activity reports can be shared with management to measure progress, risk score, and ROI. Training reports show user progress, so accountability and value are always clear.


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The Beeso IT Advantage:

Open Book

We’re open about the vendors and tools we use, we don’t hide behind white label solutions.

Decades of Experience

Between the team, we hold years of experience in delivering on a vast array of technical challenges, on a global scale

Your System, your details

All scripts, documentation, ticket details and data belong to you