International Office Deployment

We partner with UK and European-based organisations that have international reach, but with this global presence, have the challenge of a lack of local on-site IT resource.



We work with our clients in-house IT resources, as though we are another member of the team. We can professional and effectively represent your core business in your remote office locations

Managed Technology For Modern Business

Swift Integration

Swiftly & smartly integrate our team with your internal resources. Our personable team, backed by planning, documentation and structure, ensures working with us is a breeze.


Further Support

Whether you have already mapped out your IT project, or require further support and consultancy on the best route to take – we’re ready.

Why Global Resources?


Our client’s needs can differ considerably from project to project, which is why our approach & resources are adaptable to the specific need, project or challenge at-hand.


Each of our technicians are backed by the support of a structured, experienced team that come together to achieve the core project goals.


Our reach spans multiple key population centres around the globe. If your project requirements are distant from your core business / IT operation, we’ve got the boots on the ground


Rely upon our expertise and hands-on industry knowledge to navigate through a forever evolving landscape of technology.


Both as a business & by each individual technician, we hold a vast array of technical expertise, with qualifications from countless vendors & tech-brands.


Book a free consultancy session with a member of our team to discover the reach of our global technical resources.

The Beeso IT Advantage:

Working Together

We give our clients access to the consoles and management tools we use. We won’t become a knowledge silo, retaining information away from you.

Qualified & Certified

Both as a business, and as individuals, we hold certifications and accreditations from the world’s leading technology brands.

Globally, Local

We have teams based near all of our clients.