Introducing Devices For Education

A flexible way to implement an affordable 1:1 learning environment in your school or Multi-Academy trust. Working in partnership with Microsoft, we offer an inclusive programme to help your establishment improve educational outcomes and attain high levels of digital inclusion for all students.



Choose from a range of specially selected devices from leading manufacturers. With special pricing to provide unbeatable affordability, your students can be equipped with the latest devices optimised for learning.


Purchase devices outright or lease over three years with the flexibility to use parental contributions, charitable donations, and Pupil Premium to offset quarterly lease rental payments.


Standardising on programmes to provide every student a device make it easier for your teaching staff to teach, easier for your IT staff to support devices, and easier for your establishment to attain high levels of inclusion for all your students.



Introducing an effective 1:1 programme allows all students to work independently at their own pace, whilst receiving a personalised learning experience tailored to their individual needs.


A standardised 1:1 learning environment helps to reduce staff workload by reducing the time required for lesson preparation, setting assignments, and reviewing work.


School funds are inevitably constrained making finance a central consideration in 1:1 provision planning. Leasing can provide a cost-effective alternative to outright purchase.

Choosing The Right Devices

Balancing Affordability & Functionality

Choose from a range of devices from a variety of leading manufacturers, all designed with educational use in mind, and specially selected to offer the appropriate balance of affordability and capability to meet your requirements.

Meeting Student Needs

Your requirements will depend on what you want students to be able to do with their device. For example, you may decide that basic access to the internet and cloud-based applications is sufficient in which case entry level devices will be sufficient.

Adding Relevant Options

As an option accidental damage and theft insurance is available with all devices, pricing is included in the display price. For additional peace of mind and predictability of costs, options such as extended on-site warranties and other accessories can also be included.


Book a free consultancy session with a member of our team to explore our cost-effective and simplified procurement options.

The Beeso IT Advantage:

Ready & Waiting

Our Helpdesk is managed with engineers, who answer the phone. There’s no triage or a complex web of hoops to jump through to obtain the support you need. Get straight to the expert.

Open Book

We’re open about the vendors and tools we use, we don’t hide behind white label solutions.

Tech First

The Beeso IT team are first and foremost technical consultants, solutions architects and engineers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best-fit solution for our client’s needs.