Looking for digital solutions that will take your safeguarding practices to
the next level?

Smoothwall develops innovative and dependable solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of young people online. With over 12,000 schools and 38% of educational organisations in the UK relying on their technologies, Smoothwall has engineered a robust engine that aims at protecting students at every touchpoint.


Smoothwall Filter

Achieve a safer digital learning environment with pioneering real-time, content-aware web filtering.


Smoothwall Monitor

Detect online risks before they become real-life incidents with digital monitoring


Digital Safeguarding Training

Provide a wide range of CPD certified digital safety training to your school or college, so your staff, students, and parents stay up-to-date with the latest digital safety risks


Smoothwall Firewall

Complete all-in-one protection package with all the features and benefits of our market-leading Smoothwall Filter.


Safeguard Record Manager

Easily record child protection issues and safeguarding incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files


Smoothwall Classwize

Make classroom online activity an open book with screen content visibility of all devices in class, including BYOD and personal devices.

Why Smoothwall Firewall?

Next generation firewall

Perimeter firewall and internal segmentation firewall to protect your network against all web and non-web borne threats.

Layer 7 application control

Identify and stop applications that you don’t want on your network and prioritise those that you do.

Intrusion detection and prevention

Monitor, report on and react to any malicious attacks on your system.

Directory server integration

Microsoft Active Directory, Open Directory, eDirectory and more.

Gateway anti-malware

Check signatures of malicious content at the gateway and protect against known and zero day threats.

Are you looking for a complete protection package?

Explore a complete all-in-one protection package with all the features and benefits of the market-leading Smoothwall filter.

Smoothwall resources

Explore Smoothwall’s range of resources and thought leadership content, so that you can effectively support your digital safety management practices

Case studies

Smoothwall mission:

To be the most trustworthy safeguarding solutions provider in the world.
Smoothwall aims at developing the technology and awareness that are essential for the safety and well-being of students.


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