Purpose-Built for Learning

Pre-built classrooms, making them dedicated and perfectly designed for learning, with their hands on courses led by experienced learning professionals.



Comprehensive curriculum, individual courses or full certification programmes. Whichever suits your business and it’s needs, Choose from thousands of courses that cater for how you’d like to move forwards



We can deliver the classroom courses direct to you at your business premises and tailor them to meet your business requirements.



Bespoke solutions, small businesses wishing to enhance or an international corporation wishing to capitalise on a wider portion of knowledge, however the size of the business their’s a classroom course perfect for you.

Why Classroom Training?

Content Videos

Helpful, on-demand videos catered for each course to engage the training, received both before and after the course. Allowing the courses to provide and cover every aspect of each course given.

Content Notes

Receive key notes of the course undertaken to help remind and assure the course was taken in to gain its full potential. Enabling users to focus during courses to maximise learning.

Vast Locations

The most extensive choice and range of training venues, with 20 learning centres and a network of high-quality partner locations across the UK.

Modern Facilities

Featuring state-ofthe- art workstations and full hands on IT lab facilities for every relevant technology to help achieve and maximise the learning from each course.

Flexible Learning

Choose from a wide range of courses that meets your desired needs, with a vast amount of locations to choose from at any time that suits you best.


Book a free consultancy session with a member of our team to explore the best IT Training solutions to suit the needs of your team.

The Beeso IT Advantage:

Decades of Experience

Between the team, we hold years of experience in delivering on a vast array of technical challenges, on a global scale

In the Know

Our team get to know their clients, their systems and the way they work, backed by a global network of specialists

Open Book

We’re open about the vendors and tools we use, we don’t hide behind white label solutions