Giving you the confidence to move your strategy forwards

Assuring you receive the right skills we trust Pluralsight to adapt the way you think, with new things to learn each day, Guided Learning based on test results you’ll know exactly where to begin learning.


Accelerated Learning

Learn as much as you want as fast as you like, There’s no limitation to the number of courses you can dive into, Allowing for quicker and more accelerated learning.


Fast Adaption

Fast adaption to brand new technologies, understand anything and everything that’s been around for centuries or only just a few weeks, get involved with technology like never before.



Brings out self-motivation in employees to create their own role within the business, the ability to obtain knowledge and learn at home to boost productivity at work.

Why Pluralsight?


Courses available that can be downloaded and completed by employees at their own pace either at home or in the office, whichever suits your business needs.


There are significant cost savings, but the time saving is the biggest factor, when employees are required on demand each day, sending them off for a week isn’t viable.


The savings are significant. Sending 1,000 employees to off-site, classroom training costs millions, and that doesn’t include lost productivity or time away from work.

Character Building

Providing a learning platform to employees makes them better at their jobs today and builds skills so they can easily move into the jobs of tomorrow

Endless Knowledge

Thousands of online courses available, there’s no limitation with the ability to search courses for exact information, allowing you to use them as reference materials.


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The Beeso IT Advantage:

Open Book

We’re open about the vendors and tools we use, we don’t hide behind white label solutions

Qualified & Certified

Both as a business, and as individuals, we hold certifications and accreditations from the world’s leading technology brands

Ready & Waiting

Our Helpdesk is managed with engineers, who answer the phone. There’s no triage or a complex web of hoops to jump through to obtain the support you need. Get straight to the expert.