Integrated & Enhanced Threat Detection

With threats more sophisticated and less predictive, moving into the cloud may not be such a bad idea, Sumo Logic threat detection will give your business the upper hand.


The upper hand

Providing real-time results against persistent threats whether it’s Corporate spies, cyber criminals or even spammers, achieve proactive security and know exactly where they’re targeting.


Take back control

Consume quick, fast and reliable results, identification of critical threats allowing improved time management by focusing on areas most at risk, granting more time for you and your business to spend on important tasks rather than removing threats.



Enhance your existing defenses, by knowing where to make tweaks and improvements, maximising your overall protection whilst scoping out threats and potential attacks at the same time.

Why Sumo Logic Threat Detection?

Heightened Defences

Accelerate with real time results to increase productivity with a proven rise in accuracy of threat detection, improve overall awareness of incoming risks.

Smart Detection

A smart detection will scan your system to discover what’s most at risk, allowing you to focus on these areas within minutes to potentially save files and resources.

Intelligent Information

The ability to develop insights into the tactics of certain attacks, take control of where, when are what kind of threats will hit you next.

Proven Expertise

Grasp the world-class threat intelligence from CrowdStrike, proven capabilities and optimised systems for only the best results.

Threat Correlation

Take advantage and correlate your Sumo log data with threat intelligence to identify and visualise malicious IP addresses, domains and email addresses.


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The Beeso IT Advantage:

Qualified & Certified

Both as a business, and as individuals, we hold certifications and accreditations from the world’s leading technology brands

Open Book

We’re open about the vendors and tools we use, we don’t hide behind white label solutions.

Globally, Local

We have teams based near all of our clients