Cloud-Driven Workspaces

Citrix Cloud provides the fastest, simplest, and most flexible approach to securely managing your digital workspaces. Combine and obtain the benefits of app and desktop virtualisation, endpoint management, content collaboration and web/SaaS access control to deliver the secure digital workspace your business needs.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Permit your team the flexibility of working whenever and wherever, without the risk of data & services being carried local to the end user’s device.


Remote Applications

Access the tools & services you need from any advice with an internet connection – up & running in seconds with secure access to all the apps and data you need, with no fuss.


Office in the Cloud

Remove the risk of ‘shadow IT’ creeping into your organisation by centralising all of your end user applications & data within one familiar, but secure cloud platform.

Why Beeso IT?


With the ease and simplicity of Citrix Clouds services, it allows your business to maximise on efficiency by deploying workspaces to your end users.


A cloud-based approach simplifies management, giving IT teams the flexibility to adopt new systems, quickly scale, and roll-out updates as needed.


Configure, monitor and manage your entire technology infrastructure, all through a single pane of glass to deliver a unified user experience.


Machine learning adapts to each worker’s patterns and exceptions so they can get work done securely, wherever they are.


A software-defined perimeter grants safe access and full visibility across the network and user ecosystem so you can proactively address threats.


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The Beeso IT Advantage:

Open Book

We’re open about the vendors and tools we use, we don’t hide behind white label solutions.

Qualified & Certified

Both as a business, and as individuals, we hold certifications and accreditations from the world’s leading technology brands.

Globally, Local

We have teams based near all of our clients.