So how secure are your endpoints? Confused as to what endpoints are? Well, these are remote computing devices that connect and communicate with a network. You must conduct an audit of the security of your endpoints to ensure that your corporate network and all the internet-enabled devices on your network – including smartphones, tablets, and laptops are secure.

Undoubtedly, endpoints continue to expand as businesses keep on adding more devices, and this exposes them to a range of vulnerabilities.

Here are a few ways hackers can continue to work in a stealth mode and make the most out of your compromised endpoints:

  • Embedding malicious code in an innocuous graphic or a flash file
  • Encouraging the download of a bogus app which might not have an embedded threat in it, but which calls other files from the hacker-controlled server to exploit the sensitive network
  • Using narrower bandwidths to attack the application layer, to enter into the network without getting recognised
  • Launching malware from the backdoor

So, what can you do about it?


Endpoint Security is the answer

You can protect your endpoints with the help of the right tools and solutions that are designed to protect remote computing devices from any threats and ensure that each of these individual access points is secure.


Webroot Endpoint Protection is different

Webroot Endpoint Protection empowers your business with the needed security to ensure that the network stays safe.

  • Prevent sophisticated cyberattacks

Webroot provides next-generation protection by providing you with valuable contextual threat intelligence. This provides the business with the required inputs and ensures that they have all the information needed to combat the challenge.

  • Streamline management

It streamlines your business operations through a cloud-based console and makes way for fast deployment and scan. The tool is also easy to integrate with RMM, PSA, BI, and other tools.

  • Save time and money

As Webroot equips you with everything needed, this way, it helps you in lowering the cost and saves your time by ensuring that you focus on what actually needs your attention.


We’re Beeso IT, how can we help?

If Webroot Endpoint Protection sounds like an ideal solution for your organisation and you are confused as to how to get started… this is exactly where Beeso IT steps in. Our expert team of engineers, consultants, solution architects and project managers work right alongside our client’s internal IT teams – bringing their years of technical experience & competencies to your business on a need by need basis.

Wherever you require support, for whatever technology requirement. The Beeso IT team are on-hand locally as your global technology partner. If you are unsure of how secure your endpoints are, please contact the team today.