You’re probably familiar with the term ‘patch.’ As the name suggests, a patch (sometimes called a ‘fix’) is a piece of software used to address an issue (a bug) in a Software program or operating system.

The Windows operating system consists of code that is plagued by security deficiencies, flaws, incompatibilities and outdated software elements.  Most Patches are made available through Windows Update, and security-related fixes are usually made available once per month on a Tuesday known as ‘Patch Tuesday.’  Security updates are the most compelling reason to regularly run Windows updates.

Windows regularly monitor its operating system and accompanying software for potential security weak points.  It is recommended that you even ‘patch’ software programs that you never use, as a security deficiency of any kind on your system may offer cybercriminals a route to your sensitive data.  You should also run these updates regardless of whether you use Anti-Virus/Malware software, as these programs may not protect you from Windows Security Issues.

Failing to regularly run updates has the potential to be catastrophic.  The software could be damaged and you could lose data which in a worst-case scenario could lead to serious issues like identity theft. In fact, failing to install security-critical updates to software and operating systems is the main reason that Malware causes millions of dollars of largely avoidable damage worldwide every year.

In addition to addressing security issues, regular updates are also required to address more general bugs and glitches.  They are also an opportunity to access new features on the operating system and Windows software programs.  It is also worth paying attention to outdated software on your system. Microsoft may not provide updates to old software as users are expected to use more up-to-date versions, meaning outdated programs could end up being routes of entry for Cybercriminals.

In summary, running regular Windows updates is fundamental to ensuring the continued functionality and security of your system. So take the time to update and reboot, as the consequences of inaction could be far worse.


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