Cloud Workspaces

Born in the cloud, Frame redefines end user computing. Purpose built to deliver Windows apps and workflows from the cloud, Frame provides a revolutionary, and more secure, new way to work.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Permit your team the flexibility of working whenever and wherever, without the risk of data & services being carried local to the end user’s device.


Remote Applications

Access the tools & services you need from any advice with an internet connection – up & running in seconds with secure access to all the apps and data you need, with no fuss.


Office in the Cloud

Remove the risk of ‘shadow IT’ creeping into your organisation by centralising all of your end user applications & data within one familiar, but secure cloud platform.

Why Beeso IT?

Easy to Use

Intuitive administrative interfaces and zero touch data maintenance, special qualifications aren’t required to design and operate it.


Provisions around 10,000 users per account in under an hour, secure cloud workspaces in Microsoft Azure or any AWS region.


After each Frame session, the virtual machine you used is destroyed. Frame provides maximum security and zero server footprint.


Whether you’re looking to use Frame with your existing files, connect to IDaaS or extend your enterprise network to the cloud, Frame have got you covered.


Only pay when you’re ready to consume services, don’t overpay for unused capacity again.


Book a free consultancy session with a member of our team to explore virtual desktops hosted in the cloud.

The Beeso IT Advantage:

Qualified & Certified

Both as a business, and as individuals, we hold certifications and accreditations from the world’s leading technology brands.

Tech First

The Beeso IT team are first and foremost technical consultants, solutions architects and engineers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best-fit solution for our client’s needs.

Ready & Waiting

Our Helpdesk is managed with engineers, who answer the phone. There’s no triage or a complex web of hoops to jump through to obtain the support you need. Get straight to the expert.