Delivering Business-Driven Cyber Security

Providing specialist and advanced cyber threat intelligence services. Protect your business with SiO4 and never look back, with a variety of professionals supporting unique factors of layering up your security.


Solutions & Intelligence

An elite team of operatives and researchers that engage the threat directly, learn from the cause and create the fix. Solutions and intelligence preventing your business from suffering, obtaining a damaged reputation and mitigate risk completely.


Safe House

Don’t fall victim to attack, attacks come in all shapes and sizes, obtain a true understanding of the modern threats and turn your business into a safe house.


Delivering Excellence

Delivering excellence by meeting exact cyber threat intelligence needs. Protection is mandatory, detection and prevention are everything. delivering high-value advanced threat intelligence, risk intelligence & infrastructure insight.

Why SiO4?


Protect your business, you can’t defend against threats you can’t see, the lack of visibility hides the true value of pure threat intelligence to protect your business.


Educate your users with intuitive awareness training and remove the human factor risk completely from your business. It’s the most predominant cause of attacks.

Intelligent Solutions

Best-of-breed IT solutions, with Threat intelligence research and attribution, safeguard your business and become protected from all threats.


Hackers might already be stealing your data. Get assessed and find those weaknesses and correct your vulnerabilities. Get them out of your system before they do any real damage.


Ensuring the integrity of your cyber security management and compliance. Allowing for a professional service to guide and support you through the risks and threats.


Book a free consultancy session with a member of our team to explore the best IT Training solutions to suit the needs of your team.

The Beeso IT Advantage:

Working Together

We give our clients access to the consoles and management tools we use. We won’t become a knowledge silo, retaining information away from you

Globally, Local

We have teams based near all of our clients

Decades of Experience

Between the team, we hold years of experience in delivering on a vast array of technical challenges, on a global scale