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Because Office 365 is in the cloud you may be fooled into thinking that you don’t have to further back up your data.  While Office 365 is secure, it may not offer the backup potential that your organisation requires, protecting your data is your responsibility, not Microsoft’s!

So how should you approach data backup?  Try and apply the following basic rule: 3 copies of your data, on at least 2 different hosts, one of which should be cloud-based.  Failing to backup Office 365 is putting all your eggs in one basket,  It’s like backing up your hard-drive to another part of your hard-drive and while Office 365 is reliable and secure, it’s not infallible as Microsoft themselves readily admit in their service agreement.


Limitations of Office 365 in safeguarding your data

Office 365’s built-in capability to back up your data is more limited than you may think. Files stored in OneDrive accounts and SharePoint sites are retrievable for up to 93 days after deletion.  Calendar entries and emails are typically only retained for 14 days however up to 30 days can be configured.  Should your Office 365 subscription end, you’ll only have a 90 day period to extract data after which it will no longer be recoverable. Malware can delete files in the hope that you won’t notice, and if you do notice you’ll spend a long time restoring your data; in short, a backup method that no-one should rely on!


So how can I further safeguard my data?

Datto SaaS Protection for Office 365 is the leading backup solution for the platform.  It offers:

  • Time-specific backup. Restore data to a specific point in time thanks to automatic daily backups.  Should something like a Malware attack occur, you can restore data to a point in time before the attack occurred.
  • No-limit retention. Store unlimited data at no extra cost.
  • Regularly scheduled daily backups. SaaS protection performs backups of OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange Online data on a daily basis. However, you can also schedule additional backups as you require, at any time.
  • Round-the-clock support.  You can access technical support 24/7 over the phone or using an online chat feature.

SaaS protection provides comprehensive data backup for Office 365, from the entire content of SharePoint sites right down to individual calendar entries.  Here’s what’s covered:

  • OneDrive – All files including file structures.
  • All contact information.
  • Calendar entries – event entries plus additional information such as attendees, notes and recurrence data.
  • Emails – all mail including any attachments and notes. The folder structure is also maintained.
  • SharePoint sites

Datto SaaS protection makes file restoration a quick, easy and painless process.  Thanks to revamped architecture it is the fastest backup and recovery solution.  Its search features allow data to be pinpointed and restored as required – meaning you only restore what you need.  It also ensures that overwrites are prevented, by allowing restored data to be differentiated from current files.

Meet your industry’s specific compliance regulations by setting controls on how long data should be retained.  You are also able to record all user and administrator actions.

Using a 3rd party backup service provides greater ease of use and improved security compared to using the limited features for backup in Office 365 itself. If you’re still not sure then remember that even Microsoft themselves recommend using one!


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