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As businesses seek more flexible, innovative ways of working many workplaces are using more endpoint devices such as phones, laptops and tablets than ever before. Keeping these devices secure is essential, as each device represents a potential source of entry for security threats.

Managing and securing a high number of devices can feel like a daunting task but it is crucial to have solutions in place to ensure that devices kept secure at all times.

A backup solution for these devices should be one element of protection you employ to ensure that sensitive information stored locally on such devices is safeguarded against damage, loss, theft or cyberattack.


Datto File Protection

Datto file protection is a secure and scalable backup service that lets you safeguard data across a range of devices and protect against a range of threats such as theft/loss/damage, hardware failure, cyber-attack and human error.  Data can be backed up over any internet connection and compromised data can be restored by the endpoint user or with the help of the administrator. There are too many features to adequately describe in detail, so here are a few of the key features:

  • Management portal. Administrators can configure back-up settings in a policy-driven manner using the centralised management portal.
  • Instantaneous backup. Files can be backed up as soon as any change is detected.
  • File versioning. While files are continually backed up, old versions are retained for up to 180 days, meaning unwanted changes can easily be undone.
  • It’s End-user friendly! Accidentally deleted files, for example, can easily be retrieved by the end-user using an intuitive interface.  No support request required!
  • Speedy deployment. File Protection can be implemented using Active Directory group policy or by emailing a download link to users for self-install and can take a matter of minutes.
  • Peerless, security compliance and reporting. Datto file protection is GDPR compliant, boasts uptime in excess of 99.99% and as such has a proven track record of keeping business data safe and retrievable 24/7.  Service administrators benefit from the ability to receive reports of activity and status reports, including information on user access and data retrieval.


Don’t let security concerns hinder your business

Portable devices enable your employees to work in more innovative ways.  They allow your team to make use of the time that might otherwise be unproductive and allow for improved connectivity and collaboration.  By incorporating an Endpoint Backup solution to your security line-up, you can help ensure that your data is secure while allowing your team use of the most effective tools to get the job done.


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