So you have been looking for a good cloud service platform. What are the things you will consider while choosing one? Let’s see.

  • You shouldn’t have to wait forever to get the cloud services up and running. Everyone wants lightning speed.
  • You want infrastructure support that can support any of your applications.
  • You would definitely hate to lose data to hacking and hence, you want the best security.
  • You will need 24/7 availability and proper customer support. Who knows when you will have to work on that project that needed to be delivered yesterday?

You will need flexible options on pricing and service subscriptions because why not?

And you can keep adding more on to those choosing criteria and you will find Citrix cloud has even more to offer.


Make a smart move by moving to Citrix Cloud

Here are some benefits you get to enjoy when you choose Citrix Cloud.

  • High availability

Citrix promises a high availability on all of its services be it hardware or software. When you compare it to the cost it takes to deploy a complete physical system with licensing and backend support, you will realise how much Citrix has helped you save money. And that would be a lot.

  • SQL backend

Citrix Cloud helps you stop spending on the setup and maintenance of multiple SQL servers. You might need them for supporting your Xenapp sites back end. Once you move to Citrix, you can make use of their comparatively cheaper SQL services or use WEM as a fully integrated service.

  • Upgrades and patch updates made easy

Have you ever sat down and watched how long it takes to apply an organisation-level update patch? It is excruciatingly slow and could kill precious productive hours. Citrix does it all for you automatically without any loss in productive hours. You can always be assured of using the latest software that is thoroughly tested.

  • License management

Using Citrix Xenapp and Xendesktop, you can easily manage your license usage. No more waiting and no messier license usage. You have plenty of options like 2 for 1 trade up deals, hybrid rights usage and even concurrent usage if you choose a full Workspace service.

Citrix makes it possible for you to migrate your licenses from on-premise to cloud at a reasonable pace. You get a transition period of around 3 years.

  • Smart scalable services

Who doesn’t want to make use of any chance of reducing costs? With Citrix smart scale options, you can restrict workloads to run during core working hours and thus have a reduction in costs incurred.

  • Smart check

Citrix Cloud services employ an inbuilt automatic health check feature that will give useful information on-site diagnostics and machine health.

  • Workspace App

Let’s just say we saved the best for the last. Workspace App offers a complete workspace experience giving you access to all your resources on a daily basis. You can easily browse through all of your on-premise and cloud resources through one Workspace App just by linking to the Workspace in the Xenapp and XenDesktop service.


We’re Beeso IT, how can we help?

If Citrix Cloud sounds like an ideal solution for your organisation and you are confused as to how to get started… this is exactly where Beeso IT steps in. Our expert team of engineers, consultants, solution architects and project managers work right alongside our client’s internal IT teams – bringing their years of technical experience & competencies to your business on a need by need basis.

Wherever you require support, for whatever technology requirement. The Beeso IT team are on-hand locally as your global technology partner. If you are considering your cloud infrastructure & services, please contact the team today.