Switch to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Azure VDI

Have you ever wondered how good it would be if your employees could access your desktop from anywhere and from any device? What if they simply can’t carry a powerful laptop everywhere? Or when they really want a few different desktop configurations. All these queries have one simple solution, it’s known as VDI.

Virtual desktop Infrastructure makes use of cloud technology to create a virtualised desktop environment that can be accessed remotely via any device.

Even with a thin client as your mobile browser, you could perform complex processing via remote access. That’s a real treat with technology. It simply shatters all bounds.


Still wondering why you need a VDI at all?

Let us list down some of the benefits:

  • You get remote access anywhere, anytime.
  • VDI offers higher security features and updated infrastructure. No more worries about running those manual software updates.
  • Device portability and easy provisioning of the desktop are some luxuries VDI offers.
  • You can save a lot of money spent on hardware when you choose to go with VDI

So now moving to the next question. Which VDI service provider will suit your needs? It’s quite simple. Look for these offerings when you choose your VDI cloud service. And you will see how Azure VDI fulfils all of them spectacularly.


Azure VDI is more than what you expect!

  • A simplified management

The major reason that you would want to move to the cloud is to minimize your burden on hardware and resource management. But if it’s not going to be simple, it’s not worth it. Azure provides simplified management that makes it very easy for you to configure your virtual environments.

  • Multi-session windows

The good thing about cloud services is that they can be scaled up and down based on your needs with very little effort. You don’t have to spend more than you have to. With Azure’s multi-session windows, you can let your users have uninterrupted access to Windows 10 desktops.

  • Office 365 optimizations

Did you know that the higher percentage of app utilization in Windows comes from productivity apps like Office 365? Because they drive a lot of office work and require quite a lot of processing power to support all your bulky document works. Azure has the right solution for you with its optimized Office 365 Pro Plus feature that allows multi-session virtual environments.

  • Remote desktop migration

Do you know when a project loses steam? When it takes too long to just get deployed. With Azure VDI, you can easily migrate your remote desktop services. The management is a hassle-free effort and simplified deployment lets you allocate more time for actual productive hours.

  • Support for legacy and modern desktops

Upgrading to a newer desktop could take time and need lots of readjustments and learning curve.  Worry not, Azure supports the deployment of both modern and legacy desktops within minutes and allows unified management through its portal.

Talk about a complete package! That is exactly what Azure VDI provides you. Don’t sit on it and go check it out and see how much good Azure VDI can do for your business and personal projects.


We’re Beeso IT, how can we help?

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