…with Azure, there’s a whole lot more!


Are hosted virtual machines considered old hat already?

The cloud brought our businesses fantastically greater flexibility, widened the possibilities of remote working and modernised our IT infrastructure for the future. But, is there a new wave of technical opportunity to further those benefits now we’re in the cloud?

Switching your hefty capital expenditure budgets to manageable monthly operational expenditure payments offers one benefit, but far beyond that are the opportunities to receive perpetual updates and version upgrades; available only with a costly lump sum investment in the past.

The ‘as-a-service’ model is springing up everywhere in business, but no more than tech. At first thought, it can appear that service providers are capitalising on recurring revenue opportunities resulting in customers paying over the odds for the same old technology. From any cloud provider worth their salt, this certainly isn’t the case.

Some cloud providers are evolving to offer a menu of ‘as-a-service’ options – delivering you only the specific technology service you require, without having to take on the cost, burden and challenges of the wider server and network architecture behind it all.

Microsoft is leading the way with the scope of services available in its flagship platform, Azure.


Everyone loves a bit of pick & mix!

Take Remote Desktop Services as an example; traditionally you would have had a physical or virtual server (whether that’s on-premise or in the cloud), with additional RDS services and licensing costs running on-top.

Today, Microsoft Azure offers a dedicated Remote Desktop-as-a-service as one of their menu items. Permitting businesses the freedom to opt-in only for the end-user services they need to deliver, without having to select and build the server architecture behind it.

And that’s just RDS.

There’s a plethora of options that can be custom-tailored to your business needs, paying for only what you need, when you need it. Alongside the core cloud benefits of scalability (both up & down to meet evolving changes) & adaptability.


But, how does it work commercially?

Microsoft bill Azure services on a ‘consumption’ model. Rather than paying a lump-sum fixed cost, or even a monthly bill based on a block package, you literally pay for what you use.

Every component of Azure is configured to be charged based on your uptime or throughput usage. With billing typically taken against a pre-purchased block of credits.


We’re Beeso IT, how can we help?

All cloud infrastructure services, particularly ones moving so rapidly, can be a minefield. There is little in the way of clarity and support in best tailoring the cloud infrastructure that meets the needs of your business… which is exactly where Beeso IT steps in.

Our expert team of engineers, consultants, solution architects and project managers work right alongside our client’s internal IT teams – bringing their years of technical experience & competencies to your business on a need by need basis.

Wherever you require support, for whatever technology requirement. The Beeso IT team are on-hand locally as your global technology partner.

If you are considering your cloud infrastructure & services, please contact the team today.